Xmas II: the Reckoning

by America and the Americas

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Originally intended as an exclusive album to give to select friends and family members, but I fucked up when burning the copies, so now everyone can hear it!


released December 25, 2013

All music arranged, performed, produced, and engineered by Seth Tracy




America and the Americas Minneapolis, Minnesota

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Track Name: Beautiful Today
The crisp, midwest, winter air cuts through my sweater and my shirt and through my hair, but there's not a single worry in this world that belongs to me. I'm headed home for Christmas Eve.

Throw another log on the fire. Wrap yourself in mother's love and listen to the choir of angels singing in your mind. For now just have a good time.

Our hearts grow with every flake that falls from the sky leading up to Christmas day, and on New Years you'll turn to me and say, "I love you more with each passing day."


The snow on the rooftops. The pain in my heart stops.
Track Name: Humbled by You
I'm sorry that I don't say that I love you. Its just one of those things that's hard to say out loud, but every time you do, I reply in my head, "I love you."

Pay no mind to thing I haven't said. I still care for you so much, you know. In my mind I know just what to say, but I'm too scared to let it out.

And I just hope you know, despite my makeshift moans, my love forever flows. I love you.

'Cause every time I do, I'm completely humbled by you. I hope I don't need to prove that I love you.
Track Name: Snow
Now you've found a way to my heart, a way to my soul. They're not far apart, and now I know that I can be loved.

Its cold outside, but your heart is still warm. I'm frozen and tired. Please carry me home through the quiet white snow to the silver and gold. Please carry me home.
Track Name: How Fortunate
I walk down quiet streets in the frozen North East Minneapolis. I need to get home and sleep because the sun is coming out any minute now, but I can't help but think just how beautiful it is this morning.

The snow dances on the air like some magical scene from the silver screen,
and I start to think, "how fortunate to be a healthy human being."
And I know that I'm loved, and I'm thankful for that, and I love you right back.

I'm cold, but I can't complain because I really like the holidays.